Professionals and Conscious Business Owners:

Discover How to Profitably Deliver Your Best Work and
Build or Manage Financial Independence So You Can
Maximize Both Your Own Personal Fulfillment 
and Your Greater Positive Impact In The World 

… YES, It’s All Possible for You!

You are unique in the business world with expertise, professional standards, ethics and important services people really need.

You’ve been honing your skills for quite awhile, and have this urge to ramp things up – both from the business side of your work and in your personal life.

You may have caught the “entrepreneur bug,” and you’re thinking that maybe it’s time to really build a solid business and life plan around your work – to do things more profitably … and more on your own terms.

You’re in the right place, and this is the right time!

Why?  Because, quite frankly, you’re needed.  The world is waiting for you to showcase your talents to a bigger audience, and this is the best time to make it happen. Plus, you know  you’re ready.

You’ve proven that you know how to serve your clients with your own brand of skill and finesse. No matter your work setting, you realize you need to market yourself for greater visibility and better manage the business side of your practice.

You know you can do it, but something always seems to hold you back.  It could be the priorities and distractions of your daily work … the needs of your family … your own limited confidence or limiting beliefs … or simply that there’s more you need to learn.

With the resources available to you, now is the best time to address all that, move toward financial independence and design a life you really enjoy … without feeling like a slave to your day to day demands – so you can do more to positively impact the world.

You have a history of achievement, so you know that success is yours for the taking.  Now it’s just a matter of working with the right person to help you make it a reality. I’m Dolly Garlo and I’ve already traveled down this path.  It’s a journey that has shaped my own mission and purpose:

to help you maximize your potential, make a positive difference and enjoy the ride!

People who contact me are frustrated …

They want to focus on what really drives them, to impact the world in their own unique way: enjoy their work more, make more money with greater ease, live a better lifestyle, travel, save, retire comfortably … and anything else they want to do and can’t do now. I invite you to give in to your curiosity. You’ve no doubt been entertaining all kinds of scenarios in your mind, thinking about the lucrative earning potential, the chance to live your life’s purpose and the possibility of impacting more lives. I’ve developed an amazing 3-part program to help you design and master the areas most critical to your success:  Business, Financial, and Professional Life. Once you’ve developed an elegant equilibrium in these three areas, you will have reached a thrilling new pinnacle in your life – I call it the Sweet Spot of Maximum Impact … in the world and for your own life, too.

Take just a moment to consider this:

Which of these critical areas is most important for you to address right now to maximize where you want to go next with your work and your life?


  • BUSINESS MASTERY:  Leverage your expertise to attract your ideal audience of clients, and create greater profitability with an innovative "signature inventory" of services they want and need.  Expand your reach and comfortably increase your visibility in the marketplace to showcase your unique brilliance!
  • FINANCIAL MASTERY:  Enhance both your self-worth and net-worth to break free from under earning, debt or other financial self-sabotage, become a more powerful money manager, and create true wealth as you define it.  Reach or manage  financial independence, personal prosperity and generosity as you truly want to live them!
  • PROFESSIONAL LIFE MASTERY:  Professional practice has many demands that often feel like sacrifices and trade-offs.  Design a professional transformation that combines your expertise, talents and true interests to be productively engaged in what you most enjoy, built on a personally defined lifestyle that feels whole and abundant, supported by nurturing and nourishing environments!

From there … you can choose to MAKE A BIGGER IMPACT in the world … ultimately utilize your unique resources and other attributes and use your life and work to joyfully benefit the people, places and things you care most about!

START HERE:  Simply access my free guide in the area that you most want to conquer to get you where you truly want to go next … Business Mastery, Financial MasteryProfessional Life Mastery or Making Your Maximum Impact … Get started on your own, and when you're ready … take advantage of a complimentary 45 minute private Thriving!! Success Strategy Session with me (a $375 value) for help in creating an initial action plan! (Info on how to do that is included in each of the guides). What happens after that?  Practically anything you can imagine …

  • building or leveraging your own business
  • making a change in your career that aligns with your authentic self
  • creating a way to leave a positive mark in an area of the world you care about

and more …

WANT TO CONNECT WITH ME DIRECTLY? After accessing your free gift it you choose to book your complimentary Thriving!! Success Strategy Session – I promise you'll leave with:

  • a renewed sense of purpose and clarity about the most important next steps for you
  • your plan for a thriving professional life wherever you are in your evolution
  • knowing what action steps will move you forward towards your goals and aspirations
  • understanding how I can help, or possibly the right referral to someone else who can better assist you … it's the professional thing to do!

But know that I have a limited number of complimentary sessions open each month … appointments, available first come, first served. So take advantage of it! The worst that can happen is you'll stay right where you are now.  Start with one of my free guides, then connect with me. I look forward to meeting you!

We must not cease from exploring. And the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we began and to know the place for the first time. ~ T.S. Elliot