Professional Transformation

Are you considering a career move to something different, or even an exit-strategy from your current business setting?

You can redesign your life to capitalize on the expertise you’ve developed,
and engage in productive and enjoyable work that most interests you,
built around the lifestyle you truly prefer now!

My special workbook
” ‘Where Do I Start?’ Professional Transformation for a Thriving, Fulfilling and Purposeful Life”
will help you:

  • Take a “whole life” look at your life to discover all the areas that are important to you now to feel fulfilled
  • Understand what’s most important to you about productivity and work on your own terms, for greater satisfaction in what you choose to do next
  • Discover what you must know if you are contemplating leaving a business, in order to successfully make a move into new pursuits
  • Gain a greater sense of hope and excitement for what’s possible when you rediscover yourself and invent the next great chapter of your life



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Professional Transformation for a
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If, like many of my clients, you’re longing to re-design your life and work … you may also be:

  • Successful, but bored or frustrated with what you’re doing now
  • Depleted and stressed, working way too hard, for too little satisfaction
  • Stuck between “been there” and “what else is there?!” … unclear on what else you want to do or the steps to get there
  • Unsure how to get out of where you are, and need an exit plan
  • Continually feeling called … to do … something … else – but what?

You may be tired of thinking “it’s time for me, when is it my turn to have fun?” … and be ready to actually take your turn!

You’re in good company. And it is possible to simplify what’s become far too complex, do more of what you know well and truly enjoy (and get paid for that)! I know the territory. I’ve ‘retired’ twice, from two professions – and then successfully sold my law practice so it continues to add value as a going concern, to transition into the work I do now … on my own terms.

The U.S. Department of Labor defines “retirement” quite simply as: working less than 40 hours per week and deriving a portion of income from savings, investments or assets. If you can do that, you can easily move on to do something that you’re a lot more jazzed about and still feel good about being productive and involved, adding value to the world with your experience and expertise … but on your own terms!

Here’s what happened for a couple of my clients who permitted me to share their stories:

Instrumental in taking the next step in my life’s journey”

At a time in life when I was looking for answers, our paths crossed and your counsel was instrumental in taking the next step in my life’s journey. Working with you I was able to bring ideas to the surface that were of interest to me, start a new career, and meet my goal of living a more meaningful and better quality of life. If not for you, I would have still been going to a cubical every day, not much of a life. Today I enjoy my work, appreciate the abundance of time I get with my family, and the adventures I encounter. May your journey be blessed with the all the best!

Bret G. Pels
Managing Partner, Pels Group, LLC

“Wanted to get out of a profession that was increasingly frustrating and dead-end.”

I had several goals in my coaching with Dolly — I wanted to become a coach myself and I wanted to get out of a profession that was increasingly frustrating and dead-end. Within five months of starting with Dolly, I had started my own business, taking my 30+ years of experience as a media executive and published author to help small business owners. Through my consulting and professional coaching services, I now help others grow their operations, master social media, improve their marketing, develop stronger public speaking skills, and make positive personal changes. To transition there, I successfully served as the Key Largo Chamber of Commerce President for a time – and now run my own business and live life on my own terms. Through it all, Dolly was there, holding my hand, encouraging and supporting me. And because coaching is so holistic, Dolly also helped me through a number of personal issues as well.

Jackie Harder
President, Key Dynamics, Inc.

If you’re tired of feeling run ragged, unfulfilled by your work, confused about what’s next, unsure of how to best utilize your talents, interests and skills on your own terms while rediscovering yourself and designing a lifestyle you’d prefer …

If you’re ready to stop working too hard for too little satisfaction, but wonder how to make the change or exit from your current business – both financially and practically …

Then take a first step in the direction of finding out more about what’s possible for you, by accessing my free gift:

Get your copy of my free workbook:

“‘Where Do I Start?’
Professional Transformation for a
Thriving, Fulfilling and Purposeful Life”

by entering your name and email below.

It will give you a new view of you, what’s important to you, and some things you need to consider to get there! I hope you enjoy what you learn …

All the best,

Dolly M. Garlo, RN, JD
ICF Professional Certified Coach – CCE Board Certified
President, Thrive!! Inc.

More …

On your evolutionary journey, Professional Transformation calls on you to answer some of these questions:

Do you live to work or work to live?

Do you feel like your life is a walk along a garden path — or a
trip down a dark tunnel (fearing the light at the end is an oncoming train . . .)?!

Are you utilizing your long-earned expertise and real interests actively involved and engaged
in things that make you feel great every day … on your own terms or preferred schedule?

Whatever your work in the world, it is your personal bottom line that counts. After all, it’s not what you do or how much you make that counts, but rather who you are, how much you keep of what you make, and how you impact others and the world around you.

And just what is your personal bottom line? It consists of several elements, including:

Passionate pursuit of ‘right livelihood’

  • This may include your professional work or career, if it provides you with the opportunity to utilize your best skills and talents in a way that you truly enjoy and is personally meaningful for you. It’s not so much about ‘earning a living’ as being fully alive and contributing your personal gifts.
  • That may comprise what you do outside of money-making activities, or after leaving active professional practice or a particular business or career. It may also include designing an ‘encore career’ to keep you joyfully engaged for the next 20-30 years.
  • Your assets may provide your income and your “work” focus may turn to managing your wealth.
  • Or, you may want or need to create continued income, yet desire fulfilling and productive involvements outside the traditional workplace.

Honoring your values and unique personal skills

  • The activities, events and people holding the greatest attraction for you are a reflection of what you believe and think is important and meaningful. It is difficult to stay interested or involved in something for long without that, and discovering and building on your values is extremely important to your personal effectiveness.
  • Values are literally who you are. When engaged in things you value, life becomes natural and smooth. You are connected, enthusiastic, in the flow — rather than too busy with tasks and incompletions, tolerating, frustrated, bored or merely hoping for things to improve.
  • You also have unique skills personal to who you are, beyond training, education and experience. These are important to discover and express, and can greatly contribute to your own success and that of others – allowing you to do what you do best and honor the unique accomplishments of others.

Growth and maintenance of personal wealth

  • Personal wealth is a matter of more than just financial freedom. They say there are two problems with money: not enough or too much. Related to those problems are two questions: How much is enough to make you feel truly abundant and happy? And do you have what you need in place to help you grow or properly maintain and protect your assets? The answers to these questions are unique to you, and are a matter of making life choices that work for you.
  • Even if you’ve mastered earning well and building an investment portfolio, there’s still more to do to preserve and later distribute your assets. And in the meanwhile, there’s learning how to wisely draw down and wisely spend your wealth to do the things you really want to do.
  • And personal wealth involves more than money! Money is a tool, a form of reserve that contributes to your freedom and independence. There are many others important to maintaining true freedom including a wealth of time, opportunity, significant relationships/family, love, network/contacts, health, rest, contemplative time, learning, fun and adventure, professional advisors, and similar factors critical to your overall personal bottom line and peace of mind.
  • Sometimes the choices you need to make in this new arena around money are not easy, and it’s helpful to have an objective trusted advisor to help you consider the issues (and manage relationships with advisors and others) – rather than just wishing your ideas will work out the way you want them to.

Ready to begin an exploration of these areas for yourself?

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